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3 Keys to Effective Preventive Maintenance in the Chemical Industry

Companies that belong to the chemical industry know full well how challenging it is to come up with a standardized maintenance plan. Any manufacturing downtime can cost the company money, which can be a source of concern. There are two types of maintenance that companies that make use of different types of machines use: reactive and preventive. 

Reactive maintenance is done only when a machine is showing signs of deterioration. Doing patch-up jobs can help reduce your expenses, but you will find that you have spent more than is necessary when you consolidate all the repairs you have done. 

Preventive maintenance, on the other hand, stops any issues before they even happen. By doing regular checkups on equipment, you reduce more extended downtimes since all of your machines are running smoothly. But what makes a maintenance plan effective?

Key Elements to an Effective Preventive Maintenance Plan 

Hiring a preventive maintenance service to check on your equipment does save you time and effort, but it would also be a good idea to have your maintenance plan in place. Basically, there are three essential parts to any preventive maintenance done in the chemical industry, and these are: 

  1. Comprehensive Intelligence on Assets. 

For any maintenance program to work, you need to know the history of the equipment that you are using or have easy access to the information. Let’s say that you are in polymer production. When the reactor agitator gets broken, it will take a few days before the contents are cleaned, which means longer downtime for you.

However, if you have access to the equipment’s work history, the service crew will be able to pinpoint the correct fix to it and have it up and running in no time. 

2. Have a Preventive Maintenance Plan in Place. 

A preventive maintenance plan is typically more comprehensive than a reactive plan since it will require comprehensive intelligence regarding the assets available. The data available, such as the length in which the machine can operate before it needs to be serviced, can help you determine when to procure the necessary parts as a replacement or when to call in a preventive maintenance service to assist you. 

3. Labor Scheduling. 

Another essential element to ensure that maintenance in your chemical company is done efficiently is through labor scheduling. Knowing how to assign your workforce to do maintenance while others continue fulfilling job orders can ensure that you are still on top of things and limiting downtime as well. Make sure that your employees know their schedules and tasks right from the start. 

It is tough to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan for your company, especially when you are handling chemicals. There are different components that you need to take into account to draft a preventive maintenance plan. That said, working with a preventive maintenance service can help smooth things out since they will provide you with a more feasible maintenance schedule based on the kind of company you are running and the equipment you are using. 

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