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The Cleaning Products That You Should Never Mix

Have you ever considered mixing your chemical cleaners some time? You might have that mad scientist moment for a while, or you want to try out a video you have seen that mixes different chemicals. Although it would feel like you are back in your science class, there are cleaning products that you should never combine at all. 

Yes, there are certain chemicals that, when combined, can have a more substantial effect. But some can cause a reaction that may lead to health complications on your part. Even when they are stored, certain products need to be stored separately. Read on to find out more. 

Cleaning Supplies that Must Not Be Mixed

Since we use chemical cleaners at home, it is important that you know which ones should be stored together, and which ones to avoid mixing. Here are a few examples of cleaning products that you should not mix at all. 

1. Two Types of Drain Cleaner. 

It is easy to assume that combining different drain cleaners can get the job done faster. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. This is because no two drain cleaners make use of the same ingredients. Since you do not have any background in chemistry or anything related to this field, it is best to avoid mixing them altogether. 

2. Hydrogen Peroxide and Vinegar. 

When used in small batches, this combination can be helpful in cleaning surfaces in your home. However, keeping them mixed for extended periods is not recommended because they create peracetic acid. This acid is dangerous when inhaled or can cause skin irritation when exposed to it. 

3. Bleach and Ammonia.

Bleach is a valuable household cleaner. This is because it can be used for different cleaning jobs and is known to be effective in eliminating germs as well. However, when mixed with ammonia, it produces chloramines which can pose a threat to your health. 

Chloramine can cause difficulty in breathing and chest pains when you are exposed to it, so you should keep these two away from each other in your storage area. 

4. Baking Soda and Vinegar. 

There have been numerous DIY videos that promote the use of baking soda and vinegar as cleaning agents. Although it is possible to use them in small amounts, leaving the mixture stored for periods of time is not recommended. This is because there will be a reaction between the two that can cause the bottle where it is stored to explode. 

5. Bleach and Other Cleaning Agents. 

Bleach, on its own, can be an effective cleaner. Add other cleaning products into the mix, and you are making a big mistake already. The only thing that you can mix with bleach is water. 

It is quite tempting to mix your chemical cleaners to make them stronger. But think of the dangers that they pose. If you are not sure which ones work well together, it is best that you leave them well enough alone and simply look for a chemical supplier Philippines that can give you the best cleaning agents to use in your home. 

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