Company History

We are a family-owned company with more than 10 years of successful operation in the Philippines. We started our operation on March 31, 2009, as a manufacturer and provider of cleaning products in Sta. Maria Bulacan. As the company gradually improved its operation and became an industrial cleaning solutions provider, we now provide the best industrial cleaning services through the Philippines.

Our vision as a company is to be
recognized as the most trusted, reliable, and leading industrial chemical company not only in the Philippine market but also as a globally competitive company.

Our mission is to provide excellent products with the highest quality and efficient industrial cleaning services for customer satisfaction.

We always aim high and work together as a team to achieve success and deliver high-quality products and services to our dealers, and customers. We are defined by a set of core values that are ingrained in our corporate culture and in the manner we do business. As our business grows, these will remain unchanged and shall continue on together with our commitment to our clients, employees, investors, the community, and the environment. 

These core values are the cornerstone of who we are.

Safety and Wellness
Customer Focus
Ethical Behavior and Integrity
Performance Driven Team
Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

The People Behind Our Success

Industrial Cleaning Services

Technical Team Expertise

Value of Teamwork

We work as a team to understand the needed work of our clients and take on tasks seriously, so we can give you the highest level of value for your industrial cleaning spend.

group photo

Administrative Team

Power of Knowledge

We make sure that we have the proper training, equipment, technical efficiency, and customer service necessary to provide you top quality industrial cleaning services and cleaning products. 

Team Training

Management Team

Creating Sustainable Ways

We ensure the job will be completed with high standards by delivering bottom-line results for our clients that can increase productivity, reduce costs, and increase profitability.