For many years, Hydron Corporation has been one of the leading industrial chemical company that offers institutional and Industrial specialty product lines to businesses throughout the Philippines. We carry over a multitude of industrial and commercial cleaning products and supplies specially formulated to deliver superior performance and to meet the diverse and changing needs of our clients and customers that ranges from small to large corporations, institutions, and government agencies, as well as consumers. 

We also offer preventative maintenance chemicals for every manufacturing plant. From specialty oils and greases to preventive maintenance chemicals to institutional products, we have it. We are dedicated to keeping industrial equipment and machines live longer and the client’s satisfaction is our highest priority! 

 Our experiences in industrial preventive maintenance and cleaning provision business has taught us, what it takes to be a leader in this industry and that is by providing quality cleaning and innovative maintenance solutions for our customers in the industrial, institutional and commercial marketplaces. We focused on helping our customers get the satisfaction that they want by offering SAFE, HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS WITH TOP NOTCH CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Our  Vision

We aspire that Hydron Corporation will be recognized as the most trusted, reliable and leading industrial chemical company not only in the Philippine Market but also as a globally competitive company.                                     

Our Mission

It is our mission to provide our dealers, clients and customers with excellent products of high quality specially formulated to deliver superior performance and to meet the diverse and changing needs of our clients and customers with top notch quality customer service.


We are commited to making products that will lessen the impact on our environment  and ensure the protection and safety of our employees, clients and the community. We are commited to deliver high-quality products that are of reasonable value to our customers. Being compatent and trustworthy business, valuing suppliers as partners in an industry where we all need to succeed.


At Hydron Corporation we always aim high and work together as a team to achieve success and deliver high quality products and services to our dealers, clients and customers. We are defined by a set of core values that are ingrained in our corporate culture and in the manner we do business. These core values are the cornerstone of who we are. As our business grows, these will remain unchanged and shall continue on together with our commitment to our clients, employees, investors, the community and the environment.                                                                                 .