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Join the Team

We are now looking for people who share the same values, passion, commitment, initiative and responsibility.  If you think you are what we are looking for and you are willing to start a career in industrial cleaning solutions then check our vacancies below and join our team to start experiencing a wide range of career opportunities.

Interested applicants may send their resume to careers@hydroncorp.com.ph


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List of Jobs

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No of Vacancies


Work Desciption


JOB DESCRIPTION: The goal of a workplace health and safety officer is to maintain a safe work environment for all employees of a business. The safety Officer shall be in-charge with monitoring and ensuring that the project site staff and workers shall comply with company policies and government safety regulations. They also must follow guidelines established by the DENR and the Department of Transportation, as well as Local Government safety guidelines.

DUTIES: The scope of work of a Safety Officer may vary depending on the requirements of the Project Site, the specific requirements of the Client as provided in the Contract and the type of activities performed by on-site workers. The following are his/her expected duties:

• Auditing production, keeping on the lookout for any unsafe behavior or breaks in regulations
• Assessing risk and possible safety hazards of all aspects of operations. May collect and analyze potentially hazardous materials, and train workers who handle the hazardous materials.
• Creating analytical reports of safety data
• Inspecting production equipment and processes to make sure they are safe. Must conduct testing of equipment and other tools to ensure that it meets regulatory guidelines and train workers on the safe method to operate any piece of equipment.
• Ordering repairs for unsafe and/or damaged equipment
• Focusing on prevention by keeping up with equipment maintenance and training of employee/staff and on-site workers for emergency procedures.
• Presenting safety principles to staff in meetings or lecture-type training sessions
• Participating in continuing education to update knowledge of health and safety protocols and techniques
• Creating safety plans that include suggested improvements to existing infrastructure and business processes
• Sharing information, suggestions, and observations with project leadership to create consistency in safety standards throughout the production team and the entire company
• Investigating causes of accidents and other unsafe conditions on the job site and finding the best way to prevent future accidents
• Liaising with law enforcement and other investigators who are present at the time of a serious accident
• Reviewing and reporting on the staff’s compliance with health and safety rules and recommending commendations or dismissal based on performance
• Makes sure safety gear is available to all employees and that they wear it on the job.
• Monitors the work environment for unsafe air or water.

Job Requirements

College Graduate

Start Date2017-04-18 16:48:29

Due Date2017-06-17 04:48:29

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Work Desciption

-Fresh college graduate
-Hold degrees in disciplines considered relevant to the Business Management, Sales, Marketing or Office Administration
-Should have good communication skills
-Computer literate
-Able to adapt to a multi-disciplinary environment
-Have the ability to work fairly independently or as part of a team
-Demonstrate initiative and flexibility

Job Type: Internship

Job Location:Mandaluyong

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Job Summary: Responsible for developing rich, quality content for online sites and responsible for carrying out all aspects of online marketing through a range of different digital media.

Primary responsibilities:

-Develop easy-to-use, clear, concise, comprehensible content.
-Research web copy.
-Create sites that are optimized for search engines.
-Develop relationships with websites to obtain quality links.
-Improve search-engine rankings.
-Develop and maintain social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn, etc.
-Send out quality messages on these channels.
-Drive traffic to websites using a variety of methods.
-Ensure content appears high on search rankings.
-Develop density of desired keyword on page
-Research popularity of sites linking to page.
-Develop pay-per-click advertising campaigns.
-Create Internet ads.
-Establish an effective presence on social media sites.
-Monitor a company’s online reputation.
-Approve or delete comments on blogs or articles.
-Highlight and encourage positive comments.
-Strengthen relationships with power brokers.
-Manage and deliver email lists.
-Design and deliver emails.
-Craft email campaigns.
-Integrate other online presences including social media outlets with email campaigns.
-Follow up on responses.
-Solicit customer feedback and optimize campaigns accordingly.
-Collate and report back monthly on performance statistics for all digital communications across all channels, using these statistics to influence future digital activity.
-With the rest of the Marketing Communications team act as a brand guardian in terms of look and feel of online communications as well as tone of voice of copy.
-Writing informative and effective search engine optimised copy for the website and external blog postings.
-Managing the company’s email marketing campaigns.
-Monitoring return on investment for the different online marketing campaigns.
-Managing the organisations Social Media accounts ensuring all copy is relevant for the different platforms.
-Managing the content diary for social media content.
-Keeping up to date with changes and advances in social media and advising on new channels and approaches to adopt.
-Monitoring social media for company mentions and engaging with customers where relevant.

Job Location:Mandaluyong
Required education:Bachelor’s
Required experience:Online Sales/Marketing: 1 year