the difference between sanitizing and disinfecting

Clean Properly By Knowing the Difference Between Disinfecting and Sanitizing

Germs are everywhere. We are constantly exposed to them at home, while running errands, even at the office. There are good and bad ones, but because they are minuscule, it is hard to determine whether you are exposed to the good ones or the bad ones. You will know that you got the wrong one in you when you start to get sick. 

Since it is not easy for us to detect what kind of germs we are exposed to, cleaning our home or workplace is a must. But what type of cleaning should you do? Will you disinfect or sanitize? 

Disinfecting vs. Sanitizing

There is a common misconception that disinfecting and sanitizing are the same. Well, these two are quite different from one another. Let’s understand them better. 

  • Disinfecting. 

Disinfecting is done with the aid of chemical cleaners like bleach as well as alcohol solutions. In order for these cleaning agents to work well, they will need to be applied on the surface and allowed to sit for a few minutes or hours even. This way, any existing germs will be eliminated. Take note, however, that disinfecting doesn’t automatically mean that the surface is cleaned thoroughly. The goal here is to simply remove the presence of germs. 

  • Sanitizing. 

This can be done by cleaning, disinfecting, or combining the two. When you sanitize your home, office, or place of business, you reduce the number of germs present within the area. Basically, you are lowering the presence down to a reasonable number, as stated by public health standards. If you are sanitizing your office or your store, you will need to adhere to the guidelines imposed by your local government to meet their standards. 

Cleaning and disinfecting simultaneously help make your space look better, but you are less likely to be exposed to dangerous germs. 

Surfaces to Clean and Disinfect

You might be thinking about what areas to clean and disinfect to ensure that you are exposed to fewer germs as much as possible. The first rule of thumb to follow here is to focus on areas that are frequently touched. Think doorknobs, computers, faucets, remotes, toys, even your countertops. Consider these as high traffic areas that your family often touches. Keeping them clean and disinfected regularly can reduce their chances of getting exposed to germs. 

Safety Protocols to Follow 

Cleaning and disinfecting are essential for the safety and well-being of your family or even at work. However, it would be best to consider your own safety when handling these industrial or chemical cleaners. For starters, read the label and instructions on how to use the cleaning agent. If you are asked to wear protective gear, then do so. 

Avoid mixing cleaning products unless stated otherwise. Keep in mind that there are some cleaning products that are volatile and can cause adverse effects when combined with other chemicals. Don’t forget to store your cleaning agents in a safe area where they cannot be reached easily. As soon as you receive your purchase of cleaning products, make sure that you keep them away from your children for their safety. 

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