disinfectants and its importance in the philippines

Disinfectants: How Important are they

Importance of Disinfectants 

In this time of the pandemic, reducing germs at work and home is critical to everyone’s safety. You have probably used disinfectants to clean your workstations or your home more often lately, but do you know what they are and why you should use them?

What are Disinfectants?

Disinfectants are chemical agents used to eliminate microbes and viruses that may be lingering on the surface, like fungi and bacteria. These products are quite different from antiseptics designed to prevent the growth of these microbes rather than eliminate them.

The best disinfectant is one that can eliminate anything harmful without being toxic to any living thing and is also sold cheaply. Since there is none available yet, the available disinfectants in the market are partially capable of sterilizing the areas where they are used. 

All disinfectants available must be treated carefully as they are quite toxic to humans and animals. It is recommended that you read the instructions on using the product correctly to avoid any untoward incidents. Take note that there are certain chemical products and disinfectants that should not be stored together.

Why Are They Important?

Although warm water and soap can help clean surfaces, they are not enough to thoroughly remove all the germs and viruses that may have settled on doorknobs, handles, counters, and whatnot. Now imagine going through high traffic areas like entryways, work stations, and elevators that haven’t been properly disinfected. With every touch that you do, you are picking up quite a lot of germs already. 

So, why are disinfectants necessary? 

  1. Pathogens and other compounds can thrive on surfaces for months. Unfortunately, this can lead to diseases being continuously transferred from one person to the next. Without proper disinfecting protocols, such as disinfectants, people are still exposed to these germs. 
  2. Disinfectants are more effective in eliminating germs, bacteria, and other microbes as opposed to using antiseptics. They are efficient in removing harmful microbes. 
  3. The use of disinfectants in any setting can reduce health-related issues since bacteria is killed off before it can do harm. 

Safety Protocols to Consider 

Like it was mentioned before, disinfectants are not that safe for humans and animals. This is why, when using any disinfectant, you will need to exercise caution as well as practice these steps too. 

  • Always wear protective gear when using any disinfecting products to avoid irritating your skin, eyes, or lungs. 
  • Choose a suitable disinfectant for home at work. Please take note of different types of disinfectants, so you will know where they are ideal to use. 
  • Familiarize with the proper first-aid treatment when the disinfectant you are using spilled on your unprotected skin or has been ingested. 

It doesn’t matter whether you are a company doing preventive maintenance service or you are giving your home a thorough cleaning. Using a disinfectant the right way can help eliminate potential health hazards. Just make sure that you are using the best product for the surface or area you are cleaning to get the maximum results. 

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