Supreme Power Corporation

Chemical Cleaning, Passivation and Oil Flushing

Supreme Power corporation Tarelco II chemical cleaning, passivation and oil flushing of various piping system

Quezon Power Plant

Cleaning and Repair

Cleaning and repair of mixed bed and polisher sumps at quezon power plant

SLTEC Calaca, Batangas

Chemical Cleaning and Descaling

Chemical cleaning and descaling of stainless steel steam water analyzer sampling

EEI Construction and Marine, Inc.,

Chemical cleaning and Passivation


Northern Luzon Renewables Energy Corp

Supply and Installation of Chemical Feed Pump

installation of chemical feed pump to Northern Luzon Renewables Energy

Manuchar / Sycwin Coatings

Fiberglass Tank Cleaning

fiberglass tank cleaning at Manuchar/ sycwin coatings

KRG Industries Corporation

Fuel Oil Tank and Pipeline Cleaning

KRG Industries Corp Industrial Cleaning Services in the Philippines

Royal Cargo

Lubricating Base Oil Tank Cleaning

Oil Tank Cleaning Hydron Corporation Philippines

Mechanical Cleaning

Best Practices For Mechanical Cleaning

mechanical and chemical cleaning in the philippines

Cleaning and Sanitation of Manufacturing Plants

Providing the Best Cleaning and Sanitation Service

sanitation and cleaning of manufacturing plants