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7 Germiest Places in Your Home That Needs Cleaning

Your home is your sanctuary since this is where you and your family are living. Yes, you may have been keeping it spic and span all the time, but are you sure that you are cleaning them thoroughly? 

According to infectious disease specialist Dr. Carl J. Fitchenbaum from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, the two dirtiest places in your home are the people and the pets. The best way to prevent germs from spreading is by washing your hands diligently with soap and water. Of course, dirt doesn’t stop there since there are other dirty areas in your home that need to be cleaned, and these are: 

  • Kitchen counters and handles. 

Most of us assume that the stove and the fridge should be cleaned thoroughly, but do not forget that kitchen handles and counters need to be included as well. Just imagine how much dirt and germs these areas accumulate throughout the day. It is best that you use disinfectants from a trusted chemical supplier in Philippines. 

  • Washing machines and dishwashers.

The combination of soap and water can leave suds in your washing machines and dishwashers which can accumulate over time. This can lead to gunk forming in the crevices of these machines, which can harbor germs. Cleaning them is easy as you will need warm water, mild soap, as well as a cleaning cloth. 

  • Sponges. 

The sponges that you use for washing dishes can be a source of germs too. If they start to smell bad or greasy, you should dispose of them. 

  • Faucets. 

Make sure that you clean underneath the faucet, especially when you are using the faucet to get your drinking water. The underside can have molds growing in it which can transfer to the water that you are drinking. 

  • Coffee makers and water dispensers. 

Making coffee in the morning does help you perk up, but leaving water to stagnate in your kettle or coffee maker or even your water dispenser can spell trouble in the long run. See to it that you clean the reservoir on these two items in your kitchen regularly. 

  • Keyboards and remote controls. 

Yes, your remote controls and keyboards are prone to attracting germs that can be transferred to your body with your hands. You can create your own cleaning solution, which requires you to mix ⅓ water and ⅔ rubbing alcohol, which you should spray on a clean cloth before wiping these items down. 

  • Toilet bowl. 

You should clean not just the inside of your toilet bowl but also the outside as well. The inside may be the source of germs, but the outside of the bowl is also prone to dust, dirt, and other compounds that can easily attach to you. Give your toilet bowl a good scrubbing and disinfecting the next time you clean your bathroom. 

Fighting the germs inside your home is important to keep everyone safe and sound. Knowing which areas of your house accumulate germs can help you disinfect them on a regular basis using the right cleaning solutions

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