How 2020 changed the way we clean

How 2020 Changed The Way We Cleaned

Who would have thought that the ongoing health crisis has changed the way we see things nowadays? Before, we are used to cleaning our home thoroughly when we have people coming over. A year into the pandemic, and our goal has shifted to learning how to disinfect our personal space properly. What’s more, many are now experiencing cooking for themselves and the challenges of cleaning after.

So, how did 2020 change the way we clean? Let’s find out below!

  • Washing Hands. 

When was the last time you washed your hands properly? Most of us have forgotten the basics of washing hands taught to us since we were kids. Today, however, washing our hands thoroughly has become an essential tool in fighting off germs, especially after touching high-touch surfaces. Yes, hand sanitizers help when there is no soap and water available, but we all need to get back to the basics. 

  • Identify High Touch Surfaces. 

Identifying what high-touch surfaces are in your home is another example of how 2020 changed our cleaning style. Nowadays, we are eyeing all the areas in our home or even in our office that people frequently touch. This is because these are the hotspots for germs. 

  • Learning How to Disinfect Properly.

Another thing that changed how we clean nowadays is being more conscious about the cleaning supplies that we use. Gone are the days when you simply grab whatever cleaning product you come across. Now, we read the labels and often get those that are used as industrial cleaners to ensure that no germs are left behind. 

  • Making Shower Doors Spotless. 

Who would have thought that we will be more in tune with the condition of our household compared to before? With the pandemic forcing us to stay indoors, we start to scrutinize every inch of our home. Most likely, you have spotted how grimy your shower doors are. Well, there are DIY cleaning solutions to get rid of the scum and suds left behind. For example, you can mix vinegar with water and spray it on your doors to help loosen the build-up and eliminate any lingering smell. 

  • Cleaning Cookware. 

Like I mentioned before, some of us are just starting to learn our way around the kitchen. If you are one of those who have burnt their pans and pots, you might have already figured out the best techniques to cleaning them. One method is deglazing. This is when you pour water on the pot or pan while it is still hot. This helps remove any build-up so you can scrub your cookware clean. 

Our idea on how we clean our home has certainly changed because of the ongoing pandemic. We have become more meticulous with the way we clean things. This is not surprising because of the health scare that we are facing. That said, how we clean is just one factor to consider. The other is to find the best chemical supplier of cleaning products here in the Philippines to get the right products to use. 

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